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GARY COOPER  - (Center)

Gary’s dad “Lynn” started the excavation and construction business in the late 1950’s. Lynn built homes, roads, subdivisions and recreational commercial properties.


Gary loved the creative work of construction and studied architectural design in the mid 70’s. He continued to do both excavation and construction. Gary has designed and built many projects over the years. 


Gary began the MVC entity and took his two sons Mike and Brandon to Island Park in 1994 and began teaching them the business. Mike and Brandon are both trained in excavation and construction.



Mike favored the equipment side and has taken over the excavation division. He received an accounting degree from ByuI to help him with the general business skills needed to be professional. Mike has done large commercial projects like churches and the new Teton county courthouse in Driggs.


Mike is also very artistically gifted with excavation equipment, doing many fine landscaping jobs.




Brandon favored the architectural and construction side and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and runs the construction division. Brandon took a two year hiatus from MVC and worked in California where he was in charge of “buying Out” (vetting and hiring sub contractors) to build a 400 million dollar housing/commercial development.



"We have decades of building and excavation experience to draw from."
We have uniquely positiones ourselves to take a raw piece of property and create the beauty that people desire in both landscape excavation and home/cabin building.


Walker Home


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